Our Purpose 

We develop and grow community partnerships that help restore dignity, hope and independence, to those in need, by furnishing residences with all donated items.

Our Vision

To see every person who is in need, in our community, resting safely and peacefully, in a fully furnished home.

The Process

The design process begins, with the partner agencies, who refer their clients to us, for assistance.  We then schedule a home visit, with the client, in their new residence. During the home visit we are able to determine the clients’ overall needs and create a design plan, to best serve that particular individual/family. We do our very best, with the donations we have on hand. 

Following the home visit, we schedule a furniture installation date at which time we return to the residence, with a team of caring and dedicated volunteers, who help transfer the residence into a home by fully furnishing the space. We do not just provide a chair, a sofa, or a table. We completely furnish an entire residence including providing cookware, dishes, utensils, small kitchen appliances, linen, towels, shower curtains and home decor items, just to name a few. Furniture used in the transformations are donated from private donors and companies. Repurposing and reusing items is very important to us and for our environment.

WE MUST STRESS THAT WE DO NOT TAKE REQUESTS FOR FURNISHINGS FROM THE GENERAL PUBLIC. It is only through referrals, from partner agencies, that we assist individuals and families in need.

Transforming residences is not the only service we offer.  We also educate our clients on everything from basic housekeeping tips, dangers of lead poisoning, organization, space-saving solutions, and creating areas, for children, that will spark creative thinking and enhance study-time so they can perform well in school. 

We want our clients to feel empowered by their surroundings at home.  If they have a special skill or talent, such as sewing, for instance, they can contribute to the designing of their home by making drapes, pillows or a quilt with donated fabric and other materials, thus creating personal empowerment, a sense of self worth and accomplishment.

From Some of Our Donor’s

My family was really big on having dinners together and so I have this vision of our dining room table being set up, and having a family meal and talking about their day and learning from each other and that’s what we used to do. And so to me, I’m paying it forward in some ways.
— Nadine M.
Dear Dionne - 

Thank you so much. It was really wonderful to meet you and your children on Saturday. I am so happy that I chose your organization to donate my furniture and other items to. It warms my heart to know that a family or individual will enjoy them as they start on their new journey or path or are perhaps getting back up on their feet after a tough go of things. 

I’m a retired clinical social worker/psychotherapist (30 years in the mental health field specializing in trauma treatment) so I used to be the person contacting organizations similar to yours on behalf of the clients I worked with. I’m glad to know you are assisting those in need who are building a life for themselves and their families. 

It was truly an awesome experience and I look forward to working with you again when I am ready to donate more items. 

Again, many thanks!

— Carol S.
This dresser belonged to my grandparents and then my mom since she was a kid. Seeing it look so beautiful and it going to a deserving home meant so much to my mom. Thank you for all you do!
— Meaghan Z.